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Finally, after years of speculation, Adele announced the release of a snippet from her next single, “Easy on Me,” as well as a video clip. Adele is seen in a black-and-white video putting a tape into her radio in an old-fashioned vehicle, extending her – meticulously groomed – hand out the window as hundreds of sheets of music fly out of the vehicle.


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Celebrate the new music from one of the most Famous Singers in the WorldAdele, a British singer-songwriter and record producer was born on May 5th, 1988 in London, UK. She won an Academy Award for Best Original Song after she released “Skyfall” from her 2012 album named ’25’. With over 26 million albums sold worldwide and 55 million singles sold just in the United States, Adele is recognized as one of the best artists to come out of England since The Beatles. Whether you’re into ballads or rocking songs like “Rolling in The Deep,” it’s undeniable that there’s something about Adele’s vocals that grabs your heart right away. 

Get Adele “Easy On Me” Piano Midi Files Online

Bust out your dancing shoes, because Adele’s music is finally back and with a vengeance. After waiting three long years for her last studio album to drop, the era-defining singer is now set to release a new single “Easy on Me” as well as an anticipated album.

Adele has just teased the release of her new song, “Easy on Me,” and something is hypnotizing us.

Adele Easy On Me Piano Sheet Music

Adele returned to music after a six-year absence in 2015, releasing her third studio album, 25. Following the release of her song “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)” on May 12, Adele announced that she was working on new material for an album set to arrive in October. A 20-second black-and-white clip of what looks to be the upcoming music video for “Easy on Me,” which is set to release on October 15. In the teaser clip, Adele slides a tape cassette into her car’s radio and takes to the road for a therapeutic drive, as dozens of pages of sheet music flutter out of her vehicle’s window

The video begins with Adele, her signature winged eyeliner peering into the rearview mirror, a motif straight from the sepia-toned “Hello” video she debuted in 2015.

“EASY ON ME” is the ideal soundtrack for dark-lit driving through empty streets while singing and reminiscing about yesteryear (or looking ahead into an uncertain future). Listen: “EASY ON ME

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