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Why you need Piano Midi file ?

  1. Our midi files are very easy to use in synthesia or in any digital audio workstation.
  2. You can use these midis in synthesia and learn to play any song on the piano. You can also play and learn left-hand chords pattern first & then right-hand melody part afterward.
  3. You can use these midis in a digital audio workstation to make instrumentals of songs dragging any plugin on the midi. It can sound good as a backing track of the song you want.
  4. You can convert these midi files into sheet music easily using Musescore and into many more formats, you desire.
  5. You can open midi files into the piano roll and can edit any chords or melody you want very easily. You can make changes in the midi & save your new midi file of yours.
  6. These midi files sound exactly like the song it is of and each chord is exactly the same played in intro, verse, and chorus. Perfect for your cover you wish to upload on your Youtube videos.
  7. Melody part of these midi files is exactly the same sung by singer and it is actually the transcription of vocals, it sounds exactly the same as the lyrics of the song.
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