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What is a midi file?

There is so much that midi files can be. But let’s see what it cannot be. MIDI is not a music file. MIDI does not contain any actual sounds. MIDI is not a standard file format like mp3. It is nothing more than just data. It is just a set of instructions. 

It is just a string of instructions and events and it does nothing more than just telling a particular electronic device how to generate a particular sound. These instructions define what the keys are so that the device can generate a particular sound. There are a few signs that define and send messages to the electronic device so that the device can understand what it should be playing and what it should not be playing. 

Not just software but keyboards can also play the instructions in a .mid file. If you play the file in a synthesizer or a keyboard, the instructor of the keyboard will play the file on the keys and then hold the keys for a certain amount of time before moving to the next note. The velocity will remain the same as it is instructed in the midi file and the computer of the keyboard will read and instruct it as written in the keyboard. 

But there is more magic to this. Midi files can also be played in any electronic device that contains the software integrated to play the file. 

You can play the file in your mobile device as well and the software that is on the phone will play the midi file like it is just any other software. Old cellphones actually used midi files to determine ringtones and you can still do so. The file will also help the synthesizer app to pitch the sounds on different levels. 

They are also good for karaoke machines as well. Karaoke machines do well with midi files because they are much more accurate than any human playing instrument. Because of this accuracy, the singer can actually improve their timing pattern. The best part of using a midi file for practice is that you can speed up the file without actually doing the chipmunk effect. This makes the midi file play faster and in more precision as the file contains no actual music but just instructions on what notes to actually play and when to play them.  

They are also comparatively smaller than usual audio files because they do not contain any particular audio files at the end. They just contain written instructions that are programmed with the use of instrument software. A minute of the compressed MIDI file is only 10 kilobytes and they are easy to download. 

How can you download free MIDI files?

There are many ways in which you can download MIDI files without paying any money. But the best shot that you can get at this is free midi archives like free midi download website. We provide good and processed midi files that are complete from start to finish. There are many options to choose from at the end of the day. The download process is relatively simple. You just find the midi download of the song that you require and then you click on the download button and that will take you to the download page from where you can just download it for free. There are no charges and no hassles. 

How do you learn to play the piano from a MIDI file?

Learning to play the piano from a midi file is actually really simple. You just need a MIDI extension in your piano and most of the modern-day acoustic and electronic pianos have that extension. They read the piano midi files and click the buttons for the required time and precision. This can be an easy way to learn the piano because as the midi files play, you can trace the keys and the timings of it and that will help you learn more and more eventually. Midi files are great for piano practice and they do their job unbelievably good. People have started trusting the midi world a lot lately. 

Why do you need a midi file?

A midi file is needed these days because they can help you learn and create new things with equal ways from each side. They provide a great teaching strategy and also a great way to guide new students by telling them when to press the particular keys in what manner and for how long. They are also used to create electronic music pieces by drawing the pattern in a tempo sheet that you can add more stuff into. You can change the instrument and also halftone and semitone it. Midi offers great functionality and flexibility and that is the reason why they are so much of use these days. We urge you to try one yourself. 

How do you use a midi file to play a piano song?

Midi files can be integrated with a piano and can automate the playing of the piano in an easy manner. They can just work like magic even if the player is not around because they automate the process and make it work like magic at the beginning till the end. You can also put your fingers just in case you do not know the keys. They can help you fool people as well. 


Midi files are actually great tools to do innumerable things in the current day and age. They are the modern way of storing music in a non-musical manner by just storing instructions. The size is small and the integration with a piano or a digital piano is very easy as well. It can also help people who learn synthesis because it integrates with it very nicely and can give you some precious tutorials on how you can make good use of the tool that you have. You can integrate into your IOS or Android device and download an application that can play it as well. 

Showing 1–12 of 308 results

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