TAEYANG – Wedding Dress, download TAEYANG Wedding Dress midi file online

Taeyang fans have certainly had a great year. Not only has Taeyang returned with his second full-length album after four years, but YG also paired him up with G-Dragon for a GD X Taeyang release. Given that the pair are well-known for being close friends since their teenage trainee days, it was indeed a godsend from YG.


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Download TAEYANG Wedding Dress Midi File Online

Listen to Taeyang wedding dress with a piano backing track for karaoke and piano instrumental versions. You may go to to learn more about them. The free midi download is a wonderful place to get a Taeyang piano midi file for free.

Taeyang is a no-brainer a great and versatile artist, as seen with his Rise album, where he tackled many genres while each song was a masterpiece in its own right. Still, Taeyang’s reputation has remained more associated with his R&B pop roots from years past, rather than Big Bang’s hard-hitting hip hop style

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