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Interstellar: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the soundtrack album for Christopher Nolan’s 2014 film Interstellar, composed by Hans Zimmer. Zimmer had previously scored Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy and Inception. critical acclaim was given to the score. It was nominated for an Academy Award and an Original Score at the 2015 Hollywood Music in Media Awards before being made available digitally on November 17, 2014, via WaterTower Records.

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Interstellar is a collaboration between renowned director Christopher Nolan and critically-acclaimed composer Hans Zimmer, who previously collaborated on The Dark Knight film trilogy and Inception. Chris encouraged us to go beyond our limits, according to Zimmer.

Every discussion was about stretching the envelope and exploring uncharted territory. This movie practically compels you to put everything on the line and keep the laboratory doors wide open in order to experiment until the end.

Nolan expressed his enthusiasm for the score’s connection between music and image, which I think is our tightest yet in Interstellar.” We’re also looking forward to people being able to revisit the soundtrack after seeing the film”.


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