Daniel Rosenfeld – Wet Hands, download Daniel Rosenfeld Wet Hands midi file online

The app delivers an immersive experience with a piano backing track and lyrics, which you can sing to your heart’s content and share on social media.


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Download Daniel Rosenfeld Wet hands-Free Midi Online

C418 (pronounced “see four eighteen”) is a German musician, producer, and sound engineer best known as the creator and audio designer of Minecraft, a sandbox video game. He has also composed the theme for Beyond Stranger Things.

We’ve given our best to make the midi melody sound precisely like the vocals sung by the artist. Daniel Rosenfeld’s “wet hands” is a song by C418 from the album Minecraft Volume Album. Connect yourself to your favorite musicians and singers by downloading a Free Midi file of their songs. You can download any song in this list for free and start enjoying the eloquent piano instrumentation of these songs right away!


Check out Piano Midi File “Wet Hands” Rosenfeld

A MIDI file is a very fundamental data format in the world of music production. While it does not contain any audio, it contains the information about what an instrument plays, i.e. which keys are played and at what velocity. It can also contain other information such as sustain pedal use. A MIDI file can both be recorded by the use of an electronic keyboard (or other devices supporting MIDI) or composed using a sequencing program on a computer. Once recorded, this file can be transferred to other computers or devices for playback or further editing.

We’re confident you’ll love our wet hands Midi Piano Files!

Daniel rosenfeld -wet hands


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