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Overview of the Song:

  • “Faded” is a song performed by Norwegian record producer and DJ Alan Walker.
  • It was released on 3rd December 2015, becoming a smash hit.
  • It topped the charts in various musical countdowns of the world.
  • It is also the 18th top watched video on YouTube with a viewer count of 2.5 billion.

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‘Faded’ is a joyful yet emotive song! In an op-ed for Genius, Alan Walker described ‘Faded’ as a “happy yet emotional song,” suitable for both sad and uplifting situations. It’s about looking for someone, something, or somewhere lost. Or simply feeling lost!

‘Fade’ started out as a tropical house song, then the electro house drop was added. “The track began as a tropical house song, but I later added an electro house drop. That was when things really began to take off for me,’” said Walker in an interview with Pop Crush.’ “While experimenting with sounds and melodies, I was inspired by Ahrix’s song ‘Nova,’ as well as K-391’s melodic style, which helped me put the pieces together. We later wanted to reissue ‘Fade’ under the title of ‘Faded’ with a new mix and vocals by Iselin Solheim. According to my recollection, it was Iselin who sang demo vocals for ‘Faded.’ And it turned out fantastic! The method in which I first met Iselin was through a studio buddy.”

On March 26, 2017, its music video on YouTube was 1 billion views, and it has since had over 3 billion views. It is currently the 19th most viewed YouTube video. It is also the 7th most liked YouTube video with over 24 million likes as of April 2016.


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