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GUITAR (Acoustic)

  • If you want to play/sing Pop Songs and Bollywood Songs, Acoustic Guitar is your choice. 

  • Yamaha & Fender are best brands to shop for Acoustic Guitars & they ain’t cheap.
  • Cheap Acoustic Guitars sound horrible and their fretboard hurts & playing chords suck.
  • Acoustic Guitar with Rosewood Fretboard which ain’t hurts & sounds deeper, louder & bright.
  • You will notice a variety of woods specified on different parts of acoustic guitars – Cedar, maple, Mahogany, Rosewood etc defines their tonal characteristics.
  • It is important to make sure that you choose a guitar that will produce the sound you want, but also one that is comfortable for you to play whether you are sitting or standing. So choose among JUMBOS, DREADNOUGHT OR CUTAWAYS.

BEST TO BUY (Budgetwise) – Most Recommended – 3,4,5

1) UPTO RS-4000 – Juarez JRZ410C  Cutaway Acoustic Guitar

2) UPTO RS-5000 – Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar 

3) UPTO RS-7000 – Grail AG-D120 Acoustic Guitar

4) UPTO RS-8500 – Yamaha F310 6-String Acoustic Guitar

5) UPTO RS-10,000 – Yamaha FS-100C, 6-String Acoustic Guitar

6) UPTO RS-12,000 – Fender CD-60 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

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