Buy Best Piano & Keyboard Online in India


  • Purchasing a piano can create a lifetime of enjoyment and intellectual stimulation.

  • Musically, you need to select a piano that has the key touch and musical tone that you like.


*The first thing you should do before shopping for a piano or keyboard is to define your needs.

1) What style of music do you play?

2) How many keys will be sufficient for you?

 3) What sounds are most important to your style?


*Most Important Piano & Keyboard features to check – 

1) Number of keys – From 25 to 88, 61 is most common to start with.

 2) Touch or velocity sensitivity – The ability of a keyboard to sense the force or speed with which a key is pressed and create a sound.

 3) Polyphony – The number of sounds a keyboard can generate at one time.

 4) Connectivity with Audio and MIDI Capabilities –  Computer connectivity options to expand your keyboard with software.

5) Multiple Digital Effects & Arpeggiator, Sampler.


1) UPTO RS-3500 – Casio Sa-77 Electronic Keyboard (FOR KIDS)

2) UPTO RS-5000 – Casio CTK245 Musical Keyboard

3) UPTO RS- 6500 – Casio CTK-2400k2 61 Keys Standard Keyboard

4) UPTO RS- 7500 – Yamaha PSR-F50 61 Keys Portable Keyboard 

5) UPTO RS- 9000 – Casio CTK3200 61Key Touch Sensitive Keyboard

6) UPTO RS- 11000 – Casio CTK-860INK2 61-Key Indian Keyboard

7) UPTO RS- 14000 – Yamaha PSR-E353, 61 Keys Portable Keyboard

8) UPTO RS- 19000 – Yamaha PSR E453 61-Key Portable Keyboard

9) UPTO RS- 21000 – Casio CTK-7300INK2 61-Key Keyboard

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